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I began capturing images on film at the age of 13 back in my home country, the Philippines, when I discovered my dad's old camera. It began as an obsession to document every single family event and outing with friends. My lunch money was spent on paying a local photo store to develop these films that are quite expensive for a teenager to skip lunches on. It would take weeks for me to get the photos back!

Fast forward to 2012, I got engaged to the love of my life, Erick. I was researching dozens upon dozens of wedding photographers to document our momentous day. I was catching myself intrigued by the technique, the light, the background, the composition, and most of all, the emotions from every photo. I bought my very first professional-grade camera after our wedding and the rest is history!

My love for photography has brought me everywhere from the beaches of Jamaica to the mountains in Hawaii. But regardless of where I travel, the picturesque skylines and diverse modern architecture of Chicago is the closest to my heart. I LOVE weddings! With me as your photographer, you are signing up for a package deal that includes a combination of an extra bridesmaid, partial wedding planner, timekeeper, bouquet holder, veil/dress train fixer and a cheer squad leader.

I discovered my passion for wedding photography during my own wedding planning process. I fell in love with the idea of capturing couples' happiest moments in their lives, crazy-in-love, crying tears of joy, exchanging unconventional vows and dancing the night away like there's no tomorrow!

photographer & adventurerer 

I'm Michelle


- Manny Lopez

"I'm crying again just looking at them. Your work is amazing - you're seriously the best!”

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A new baby and a pandemic has halted our adventures but we are itching to hop back on the plane and leave our footprints around the world. We've visited Bora Bora, Prague, Paris, London, Rome, Florence and the Caribbean to name a few.

Fueling Our Souls

Travel Adventures

After years of fertility struggles, God gifted us with this little nugget! Meet Zeke - our bus-obsessed, outdoor-loving ball of energy. You'll find thousands of photos & videos of him on my iPhone.

Fueling Our Souls

Our Miracle Baby

My son blurts out "e-da-ma-me" & "shumai" as soon as we pull up on the parking lot of our favorite sushi restaurant. That's how much we go to that place and eat sushi! Well, me & my hubby, that is. We have a little too much all-you-can-eat sometimes.

Fueling Our Souls


I wasn't gifted with great memory. People remember their very first phone number, the license plate of their first car, the outfit that their significant other wore when they first met.
I can't even remember my last address. 
I truly believe this is why I fell in love with photography. Growing up, my parents took so many photos of our family. There's a photo album for every milestone and every family adventure. I may not remember every little thing. However, seeing those old photos somehow takes me back, offer a glimpse of how things were and put a smile on my face. 
That's why I do what I do. I want to give people that experience. They may not remember everything that happened on their wedding day but capturing these moments of tears, joy & laughter will surely take them back as if it was just yesterday. 

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