Chicago Botanic Garden Engagement: Winnie & Kim


A Romantic Chicago Botanic Garden Engagement Session

How they met four times without her knowing

Some things are destined to be. Sometimes, it just takes a couple of tries to get there. For Winnie and Kim, make that four tries. These two made us laugh when they talked about the way they met. Winnie had FOUR 1st meetings with Kim over the span on two years. However, for Kim, she already left an unforgettable impression for him the very first time they met.

The first time was at a play a mutual friend was performing in and they were introduced to each other at the end. That night, Kim asked the friend who Winnie was and if she was single…she wasn’t 🙁 The second time was at Sweet Station in Chinatown, invited by the same mutual friend and Winnie introduced herself to Kim again and he played along.

The third time was at Kim’s parents’ restaurant where he was working that evening and Winnie and the same mutual friend went there for dinner, joining Kim. Halfway through dinner, Winnie introduced herself again and asked where their friend Kim (a different Kim) was…he was sitting right across from her eating with them! The fourth and final meeting was at Cho Sun Ok in Lincoln Square. They went there for dinner with again, the same mutual friend so Winnie could be ‘introduced’ to Kim before going with him to see another play of hers. Kim finally told Winnie that they had met before…three other times! Poor guy. Haha!

Falling in love

In a way, these two owe their mutual friend big time! It didn’t take long for them to realize that they were really good together. They truly adore each other. So addicted to each other, they managed to find a way to meet up every single day, even if it’s only for an hour, whether at 3am or 6am. She appreciated the littlest things that he would do, especially during her busy college days, in addition to working part time. He’ll drive to her to bring her lunch or dinner, and her favorite strawberry cake! Such a sweet guy!

How he popped the question

They knew that what they have is something truly special. They enjoy traveling together, playing volleyball, rock climbing, trying new restaurants and watching terrible movies. He finally popped the question on one of their travels. They went to Vancouver for her birthday. One day, they were sitting at Stanley park (amazing mountain, water and city views) and playing with their new GoPro. He turned the GoPro on video mode and proposed. She was so shocked because she thought they weren’t going to get engaged for another year or so. It was one of the happiest days of their lives.

We’re so honored that you chose us to document your big day. Your first part of your engagement session was so much fun! Winnie loves flowers & the Chicago Botanic Garden was so fitting for their engagement session! You guys looked so in love and so adorable to look at!


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