San Tan Regional Park Family Portraits: Manguba Family

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Like, we wish we’re part of it, literally.

My husband, Erick, went to church at Faith Alliance Bible Church (FABC) with both Jason and Pola. Erick and Jason had so much history together. Jason’s parents are actually our Ninong and Ninang (Sponsors) at our wedding. Although they both went separate ways, they managed to reconnect throughout the years. Their family moved to Arizona a few years back. We’ve been talking about visiting them for quite some time now. We were due to go to Las Vegas for one of our bestfriend’s wedding and we thought, why not stop by Arizona and visit for a couple of days beforehand? What an awesome decision it was to do so!

First of all, what a beautiful house they built there. Their house is like a Homegoods model house or something. LOL! I can write an entirely separate blog post but that would be like me acting as a realtor trying to sell their house. Haha! We stayed with them for a couple of nights. Jason cooked my favorite Filipino chicken stew, Tinolang Manok. They took us to model houses around the area, pretty much convincing us to move there sooner rather than later. They took us hiking. We got ramen on a hot day but finished up with a huge bowl of bingsu! We met their super fun neighbors on our last night when they turned their house into a mini-dance club. There was so much to do in a span of 2 days! I’m so glad we were able to squeeze in this family session!

As you can already tell from the photo, we had SO MUCH FUN during this photoshoot. We went to San Tan Regional Park and it was gorgeous! The kids, Caitlyn, Caleb and Cailey, were all so easy to work with too. This family followed all my prompts without hesitation. It helps that Jason has amazing sense of humor so it was easy to get genuine laughter from everyone. I’m pretty sure I was laughing so hard too.

Thank you again Manguba family for hosting us and posing for us! We cannot wait to visit again! And this time, instead of a baby bump, it will be with our little one that’s most likely going to be running around your house and jumping into your pool! Let’s also take another trip to “Cobalt” (inside joke). Erick really likes that place A LOT!


  1. Jason Manguba says:

    We truly enjoyed your company and are blessed to have you capture our family photos. We thank from the bottom of our hearts and we look forward to our next gathering. We cannot wait to have you both over again and we totally miss Zeke!!! Cheers to a prosperous 2021 and for those looking for photographer….Michelle is highly recommended.

    • Michelle Zapanta says:

      Thank you so much for such kind words, Jason! It means a lot to us! We miss you you all so much! Zeke is running around the house nonstop now. LOL! We hope to see your family again very soon!

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