Radiant Fort Sheridan Beach Engagement: Alice & Chris


Alice and Chris’s paths first crossed during middle school, where a budding friendship began to take shape. Over the years, Chris harbored a secret crush on Alice, one that grew stronger even as they embarked on their high school journey together. In a bittersweet twist, Chris mustered the courage to ask Alice to freshman year homecoming, only to find himself too shy to dance with her. Despite this missed opportunity, their friendship remained steadfast, leaving room for destiny to unfold.

As the years passed and their bond continued to strengthen, Chris began to realize that he wants Alice to be more than just a friend. Through shared experiences, laughter, and countless conversations, he discovered that Alice held a special place in his heart. After years of staying close and nurturing their friendship, Chris knew deep within that Alice was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. And so, he considers himself incredibly fortunate to be able to marry his best friend, knowing that their love is built on a foundation of trust, respect, and unwavering support.

Alice is captivated by Chris’s compassionate nature and his selflessness. She admires how he consistently puts others before himself, embodying the true essence of love and care. This quality resonates deeply with Alice, further strengthening their bond and reinforcing their commitment to one another. Their shared values and connection form the bedrock of their relationship, fostering a love that continues to flourish.

Alice and Chris’s love extends beyond their emotional connection. They revel in exploring the world together, relishing the thrill of travel and discovering new places. From trying out exciting new restaurants to engaging in friendly matches of tennis or pickleball, they find joy in shared experiences that enrich their journey. And as they navigate life’s adventures, they are accompanied by their loyal companion, Napoleon, their beloved dog who adds an extra layer of happiness to their lives.

Knowing the significance of their first date, Chris crafted a proposal that beautifully encapsulated their journey. Recalling the picnic they shared in Chicago, he decided to recreate the magic. With the help of their mutual friend Megan, a seemingly innocent invitation turned into a heartfelt surprise. Megan unwittingly led Alice to Chris’s engagement picnic at Milton Lee Olive Park, setting the stage for a moment that would forever change their lives.

For their engagement session, Alice and Chris chose the captivating backdrop of Fort Sheridan Beach. With its idyllic location and stunning views, the beach provided the perfect canvas to capture the essence of their love. The paths adorned with vibrant wildflowers added an extra touch of charm, creating an ethereal atmosphere for their photoshoot.

Alice exuded grace and sophistication in her lovely blue and white floral dress, perfectly complemented by Chris’s buttoned-down polo shirt and khakis. Their outfits not only reflected their personal style but also harmonized with the beach’s natural beauty, creating a visually stunning composition. Their attire captured the essence of their love story and added an element of timeless elegance to the photographs.

Accompanying Alice and Chris on their engagement session was their adorable pup, Napoleon. With his irresistible charm and playful energy, Napoleon became an integral part of the photoshoot. It was evident through the loving hugs and kisses that Alice and Chris showered upon him, showcasing the immense love they have for their furry companion. Napoleon added an extra touch of sweetness to the session, making the moments even more heartwarming.

Despite missing the sunset, the overcast sky cast a soft, dreamy glow over Alice and Chris as they strolled along Fort Sheridan Beach. The lack of direct sunlight didn’t dampen their spirits; instead, it provided a gentle radiance that enhanced the romantic ambiance. After a change to a more casual set of outfits, they didn’t hesitate to explore the sandy beach, allowing themselves to play in the water, get wet, and even sit on the sand and large rocks. Their carefree attitude and willingness to embrace the natural elements epitomized the love and joy they share.


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