Lincoln Park & Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool: Jessica & Ryan Engagement


It was a simple crush that turned into one true love. This is the story of Jessica and Ryan. With a love story that dates back to their grade school years, they really have come to know each other, overcome hardships together and experience growth together in love and in life. Jessica found us on Instagram and immediately contacted us for a consultation. We knew there was something special about this couple the moment we all sat down at Starbucks. We were literally talking for hours! It wasn’t just about wedding photography and the planning anymore. We were all getting to know each other – chuckling about the unusual quirks of growing up in a Filipino family, interrogating Ryan about the most peculiar food Jessica’s family had made him try (HINT: It’s called Dinuguan) and giving spiels about how all our dogs are just mighty awesome.

Although they cannot pinpoint that “The One” moment, they always knew how special they are to each other. Born out of young love, they likely experienced a lot more ups and downs than most. However, they were so lucky to be part of EVERY milestone of their lives. I mean, how many birthdays and graduations are we talking about here? No only that, think about it. They probably learned how to use their first cellphones, drive a car, celebrate their 1st job ever and open their first bank accounts – already together! Not only did Jessica survive years in grad school, but imagine what Ryan had to go through too during that time! LOL!

They’re each others’ rock. For more than a decade with their heartstrings tied to each other, their love for each other don’t show any signs of withering. She is the most selfless, caring and loving person he’s ever met. On the other hand, she just can’t imagine a life without him, especially his wit and his ever-caring attitude. It’s a story that is a blessing from Heaven. Ironically, he proposed at the top of the Navy Pier’s Centennial Wheel (ferris wheel). It was such a magical and fitting surprise for her. Together – at the top of the world.

Jessica and Ryan are genuinely super nice and loving people. No wonder their engagement session turned out to be so breathtaking. Never mind that we had to reschedule (and almost did another time) because of our unforgiving Chicago weather. Once we started clicking our camera shutters, it was easy. It was natural. And, it was beautiful to watch.

PS. Don’t let their super adorable Aussie, Jet, distract you from this beautiful love story. Deal? Haha!



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