Nagawaukee Park Engagement: Genna & Chris


Two very simple human beings come together to create a beautiful union. That’s Genna and Chris. No need for glamour. No need for lavish places. Their connection is all that was needed. Naga-waukee Park was the perfect location for their engagement session. It had something in every corner that would make such a romantic date spot. You can picture yourself walking along the trails with tall trees and greeneries, with a barn at a near distance, and a dock you can walk by while you stare at the sunset. Together, they all made a picturesque backdrop for our couple.

Genna and Chris met at a wing night, which is Chris’ favorite – WINGS. In fact, that is one of the things they both love doing together, go to Wings. They just connected intellectually and were both drawn on how honest they were to each other. She always felt peace and serenity whenever he holds her in his arms. You can certainly see that through the camera lens. We love that Chris’ also wore his US Marines uniform. We’re always so grateful for your services for this country. Even during the session, you can tell he’s not letting his guard down as he stayed observant of our surroundings while we were taking photos. It wasn’t a dangerous area at all. He was merely observing officers walking around the area, who were probably looking for cars to give tickets to!

 These two are due to tie the knot in September and we cannot wait!


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