Maui Engagement: Noel and Ryzza


How They Met

Ever wonder how this generation would be like before the age of social media? “Meeting people online” is not just about or eHarmony anymore. There’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter etc etc. How many of you remember Myspace? Well, it’s not the “in” thing anymore but we’re sure a lot of people are thankful for it since unsurprisingly, it was a means for soulmates to meet! That’s how Noel & Ryzza met.

Ryzza said Noel started messaging her on Myspace, having no friends in common. She immediately thought, “Stranger danger!” Well, Noel was persistent though. They were messaging back and forth for several months until they finally met in person. It turns out they know some common acquaintances after all. They started hanging out more often and eventually started dating. They found out how much in common they have with each other. It might be more common that I personally know of but how many couples do you know that can play video games together all night? (Zombies night!)

Things in Common

Aside from video games, they are both very adventurous and would try anything under the sun to keep active. They do the same workouts and play volleyball/bowling/golf/baseball (and probably many more sports) together. Because of their shared common interests, they’ve gotten to form many friendships that eventually connected them to us! They’re literally the type of couple you’d love to hang out with! They’re both fun and Noel’s sense of humor is just unrivaled!

Wedding Adventure

After 9 years, they finally are ready to tie the knot. And what better to do it that to fly to the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii! It was a privilege to be asked to photograph their wedding. There’s more that I can say about this wonderful trip despite it being part business, but more pleasure. However, I’d like to make this blog entry about our beautiful couple as they explored Maui together. Since we didn’t have a Maui engagement session per se as this was a wedding trip, here’s a few selected portraits we took during their romantic moments in Maui.

Stay tuned for their wedding day images and portraits!


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