Lithuanian World Center Wedding: Katie & Marcus


Katie and Marcus’ Wedding at the Lithuanian World Center was a BLAST! And we knew it would be.

I’ve never felt so many emotions in 1 day. I truly felt that way from beginning to end. Katie and Marcus started out their day the same way. She was surrounded with her beautiful girlfriends and sisters (one of which is her twin!). He was surrounded with his goofball friends and brothers. Having known some of them already, it was emotional to watch the girls get teary-eyed, yet smiling up to their ears, when they saw Katie on her wedding dress for the first time. On the other hand, when I said “touch your favorite part of Marcus’ body” to the groomsmen, I knew immediately it would be hilarious. Needless to say, most of their hands went downwards!

We headed down to the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve for their First Look. It was quite a hike. However, these two have hiked this preserve multiple times and knew exactly where they’d want to have their photos taken. Marcus’ nerves were apparent. As soon as he turned around, it’s like his world just came together in an instant. Tears flowed down her eyes. His eyes locked in with hers with a genuine, emotion-filled smile on his face.

After a few romantic photos by the falls, our wonderful bridal party arrived. Despite its size, I was glad there was no chaos. They all looked handsome and beautiful. Perhaps my favorite part was when we had time to take individual photos of the bride and groom with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Their personalities and unique relationships were conspicuous. Even the bridemaid/groomsman partners have their own special silly poses. I wish I can show all of ’em!

Katie and Marcus officially tied the knot at the Lithuanian World Center. I still remember how I choked up as I saw Katie walked down the aisle with her father. I can just imagine how Marcus felt. You can feel the love and joy in the air. The reception was held a few doors down from the church. I was impressed by all the DIYs that Katie and Marcus have put together with their families. I love the rustic vibe they put into the decor. What I do remember the most though, was how much that dance floor provided countless memories to their wedding.

The dancing was just a-ma-zing! Props to the best DJ in Chi-Town, Remix Entertainment, for their awesome work! It was touching to watch Katie dancing with her Dad. I also can’t help but say, “Aaaaaw, that so cute!” when Marcus and his Mom was putting their own twist to their own dance. There was even a tradition for their family to form a big circle and guests take turns dancing with the bride and the groom. In the end, Katie and Marcus ended up in each others’ arms. for the rest of the night, well, the dance floor was never once empty. So many twists, turns, hops, squats, shakes, dabs, shuffles and flosses going on that night. I think I even saw the kids breakdancing. The ladies of the Pfirrman family was even dancing as a group to Proud Mary! Indeed, so many memories.

Congratulations again to Katie and Marcus. It was an honor to not only witness your big day but to also provide you hundreds of split-second memories that you’ll treasure forever.



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