Palos Hills In-Home Maternity: Mike & Charity

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I’m so excited to share this in-home maternity session for Charity and Mike. You’ve probably seen their photos multiple times in my work as I’ve been honored to have documented a lot of their major life events! I was their matron of honor for their wedding so I obviously didn’t capture their wedding photos. Doesn’t mean I didn’t have my camera that day though!

Charity and Mike found out they were pregnant a mere couple of days after closing on this very house. God’s timing is truly amazing! I’ve dreamt of Charity being pregnant before she even told me. I had a huge hunch she was carrying but kept my mouth shut until they were ready to let me know. Mike didn’t really help their case as he was unknowingly giving hints here and there. He slipped when my husband, Erick, was hanging out with them one day. However, Erick actually did not mention anything to me at all! One night, I just told him, “I think Charity is pregnant.” And he didn’t say a word. LOL!

I can’t wait to meet their little girl. Oh, the wonderful things you guys will be experiencing together as a family!


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