Charming Cantigny Park Engagement: Malarie & Nick


Malarie and Nick’s love story began during their time in nursing school, where their paths intertwined. It was during this period that Nick realized Malarie was the one who would stand by his side through thick and thin. Her unwavering support and comforting presence during his grueling training as a surgical nurse revealed her compassionate nature and made him realize just how fortunate he was to have her. But it was during the darkest moments, when Nick’s father fell ill with COVID and tragically passed away, that Malarie’s unwavering support shone through. She became his pillar of strength, holding him up higher than anyone else, and reinforcing their bond in the face of adversity.

Malarie became the catalyst that reignited a long-lost childhood passion in Nick: Disney. Her love for all things Disney awakened his inner child and filled his heart with joy. Together, they embarked on whimsical adventures, exploring the magic and wonder of Disney’s enchanting world. Nick rediscovered the happiness and wonderment of a child, with Malarie by his side, making each visit to Disney an unforgettable experience.

Malarie knew Nick was the one when he stood by her side as they navigated the challenges of nursing school together. Through the ups and downs, their love only grew stronger. She cherished his compassion, silliness, and his infectious laughter at his own dad jokes. But what truly set Nick apart was his unwavering presence and dedication to her. At any given moment, he was there, offering love, support, and answering her eternal question of “do you love me?” with a resounding yes, no matter how frequently it was asked.

Their proposal story is nothing short of magical. According to Malarie’s own recollection of the moments leading up to it:

“Once upon a time, Nick, a man who is an afraid of lighting, got the courage to stand in the middle of the park to find a seat for the fireworks. With the lighting in the distance, we were not hopeful that the fireworks would happen. BUT BEHOLD! After an hour and a half of waiting the fireworks started. I was, as usual, awed by the fireworks while nick was probably freaking out . The fireworks were ending and there was a line that said “and so our journey comes to an end but yours is just begging. Grab a hold of your dreams and make them come true for you are the key to unlocking your own happily ever after, now go let your dreams guide you and reach out and find your happily ever after” as the last words were spoken he pulled out a ring and looked at me like ya you know. And in awe I said yes and as that was happening the fireworks started again with a bang. It was magical.”

For their engagement session, Malarie and Nick chose the breathtaking grounds of Cantigny Park as their canvas. With its tranquil ambiance and captivating beauty, the park provided an idyllic setting for them to express their love and capture timeless moments. The lush greenery and scenic vistas served as a backdrop that enhanced the enchantment of their connection.

As the camera began clicking, nerves initially took hold of Malarie and Nick. However, their anxieties soon gave way to a flood of laughter, as Malarie couldn’t help but succumb to what Nick affectionately referred to as “the giggles.” Their ability to be themselves and embrace their natural elements became the catalyst for a genuine and joyous session. The laughter that reverberated through the park symbolized the authentic bond they shared, setting the stage for truly beautiful images.


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