Stunning Chicago Engagement: Kaleigh & Connor


Sometimes, love finds you when you least expect it, and for Kaleigh and Connor, it was in beautiful city of Madrid. Although they shared the same alma mater at The University of Kansas, it was when they both embarked on their study abroad journey that fate intervened, bringing their paths together. What began as chance encounters soon blossomed into a deep connection that surpassed the boundaries of time and distance.

Connor was captivated by Kaleigh’s compassionate nature and the warmth of her heart, drawing everyone around her. Her presence illuminates any space she enters, making her a truly remarkable individual. Likewise, Kaleigh was enamored by Connor’s kind-heartedness, selflessness, and sense of humor, among other qualities. Their shared love for travel has created a treasure trove of precious memories, strengthening their bond even further.

After five years together, Connor finally proposed to Kaleigh at the Lincoln Park Zoo under the guise of a work happy hour event. Little did Kaleigh know that she’ll be going back home with an exquisite diamond in her finger and a wonderful fiancé.

For their engagement session, Kaleigh and Connor chose the picturesque Chicago Board of Trade as their first location. Dressed in a dashing suit, Connor showcased his formal elegance, while Kaleigh radiated beauty in a mini white dress adorned with a charming bow. Against the backdrop of this historic landmark, their love shone bright, encapsulating the essence of their journey.

Transitioning from the formal ambiance of the Chicago Board of Trade, Kaleigh and Connor ventured to Trivoli Tavern in the vibrant West Loop area. Here, they changed into a more casual attire, reflecting their easygoing nature and their love for creating unforgettable memories together. The warmth of Trivoli Tavern provided a cozy backdrop as they laughed, embraced, and cherished every moment of their engagement session.

Like many couples, Kaleigh and Connor initially felt a bit awkward in front of the camera. However, any worries they had were washed away when they saw the breathtaking photographs captured during their engagement session. The images immortalized their love, and their relief was tangible as they realized just how stunning they appeared together. These photographs became a testament to the beautiful connection they share and a reminder of the profound love that they carry within. Kaleigh’s parents added an extra touch of love to the photoshoot as they joined the couple at Trivoli Tavern, bringing along their lovable two-year-old Bernedoodle named Walter. Walter’s presence symbolized not only the bond between Kaleigh and Connor but also the integration of their family of three. Together, they captured beautiful moments, showcasing the joy and unity that comes with embracing love and companionship.


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