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It was so hard NOT to smile, and bust out laughing, while processing these photos. Jon and Suzie cracked us up the entire session. From the day we sat down for a consultation, they made it known they don’t really take a lot of photos. They were probably anxious about their engagement session. To be […]


June 11, 2018

Lake Park Milwaukee Engagement: Jon & Suzie

Engaged couple sits down ad kiss with their Dalmatian at Lake Park
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Two very simple human beings come together to create a beautiful union. That’s Genna and Chris. No need for glamour. No need for lavish places. Their connection is all that was needed. Naga-waukee Park was the perfect location for their engagement session. It had something in every corner that would make such a romantic date […]


June 9, 2018

Nagawaukee Park Engagement: Genna & Chris

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We hear love stories born out of happenstance – two people being in the right place at the right time. However, there’s always a special tickle in our hearts when we hear about stories of childhood friends falling in love. This is exactly how Gary and Lina’s story came about. They’ve known each other since […]


May 23, 2018

Milwaukee Library and Industrial Bridge E-Session: Gary and Lina